Welcome to Miawpukek First Nation!

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Miawpukek Mi’kamawey Mawi’omi is a First Nation Reserve located at the mouth of the Conne River on the south coast of the island of Newfoundland. Over the years the community has seen a steady growth in Government, Social reforms, Health, Education, Economic Development, Culture and Traditions. We believe that we will “secure our future by investing in our past.”

Miawpukek First Nation Mission Statement
Our Mission Is To Preserve, Promote And Advance

The Culture, Health, Economic, Educational And
Social Well-Being Of Our People – Including
Our Language, History And Spirituality.


New School Construction - Update

There is a community information session scheduled for Wednesday, May 24th at 1:00 pm in the Great Hall.

If you are interested in the progress being made with the new school or if you have questions, please attend this session.

Everyone welcome!
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Muskrat Point Trail

As you know, George Drew is the Supervisor of a crew of workers responsible for constructing the Muskrat Point Trail.
If you are not familiar with this trail, it is the one that stretches from the lower side of the road, across from Barbara Drew’s house to the opposite side of the road from Medicine Wheel Road (below Garty Benoit’s).

In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew caused major damage to the trail, especially the area next to the bridge, across the road from Barbara Drew’s house.

As you see from the attached picture, George and his crew of workers has done an extraordinary job with repairing the area and constructing cribbing on each side of the area to support the bridge.

We want to thank the following crew members for all the excellent work being done to beautify our community. (We hope we have not left anyone out…if we did, please let me know).

George Drew – Supervisor
Boyd Drake
Dennis Drake
Kevin Drake
John Stride
Jonathon Stride
Joseph Stride

Great Job Guys!!!

Chief & Council
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Public Notice

This is National Police Week in Canada - May 15–21st

National Police Week began in 1970 as a way for police to connect with their communities and increase awareness about the services they provide.

Community policing is at the heart of Police Week, as it's an opportunity for police and community members to get to know each other.

Dallas Richardson - Miawpukek First Nation’s RCMP Officer can be contacted by calling the community Justice Department at 882-2470 or the RCMP detachment in Milltown at 882-2230.
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Chief & Council would like to inform the public that there is a new program being developed by Conne River Health & Social Services under Emergency called “ Critical Incident Response Prevention Plan/Program Framework for Community First Responders”.

First Responders deal with traumatic events repeatedly and on a scale unimaginable to those outside of emergency services. Given this, First Responders can be considered a “high risk” occupational group that could experience a broad range of physical and mental health consequences as a result of work-related exposures to critical incidents or traumatic events.

While First Responders are at a risk of being impacted by work-related exposures to traumatic events, resilience research suggest two key points, first that resilience has recently been recognized as a common human response to potentially traumatic events. Second there are multiple resources, both at the individual and at the environmental/work level, which could foster adaptation in face of challenge.

To develop this program, a working group has been assembled consisting of the following members:
1. Cynthia Benoit – Mental Health Team
2. Notoria Hinks – Mental Health Team
3. Howard Jeddore – Mental Health Team
4. Cyrus Lambert – First Responder
5. Rene Jeddore – First Responder
6. Donald Drew – First Responder
7. Dallas Richardson – First Responder
8. Alma Benoit – Communication

The Working Group will be working with consultant Betty Moulton.
Betty has been working with CRHSS for a few years to develop MFN’s Emergency Preparedness program.

Goals of New Program:
1. To support the mental health and general well-being of first responders
2. To reduce stigma and promote mental health and resiliency in the First Responder workplace settings.
3. To ensure the workplace is respectful and inclusive of all First Responders, including those with mental health problems.
4. To encourage First Responders to seek help for mental health problems they may encounter.
5. To educate and help First Responders, their Managers, and Care Providers to identify signs of mental health problems in themselves, co-workers, employees, and clients.
6. To support the First Responder and his/her family to help seek appropriate treatment, as required.
7. Teach coping skills to manage stress and poor mental health.

The Framework will be tabled at the Chief & Council meeting on May 23rd for their information & review; reviewed by Directors on May 29th; and will be presented for final approval at the June 5th Chief & Council meeting.

If you have any questions or comments about this new program to assist first responders, please contact Cynthia Benoit at moc.s1495625382shrc@1495625382tione1495625382baiht1495625382nyc1495625382 or call her at the clinic at 882-2710.
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Public Notice

Miawpukek First Nation will receive our new fire truck on Sunday, May 28th.
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