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Miawpukek Mi’kamawey Mawi’omi is a First Nation Reserve located at the mouth of the Conne River on the south coast of the island of Newfoundland. Over the years the community has seen a steady growth in Government, Social reforms, Health, Education, Economic Development, Culture and Traditions. We believe that we will “secure our future by investing in our past.”

Miawpukek First Nation Mission Statement
Our Mission Is To Preserve, Promote And Advance

The Culture, Health, Economic, Educational And
Social Well-Being Of Our People – Including
Our Language, History And Spirituality.


When you hear the phrase, “disaster in the workplace,” you think of big explosions, massive fires and horrible accidents. These associations make sense as the effects of disasters, after all, are huge. However, the steps you can take to prevent these large-scale calamities are small, simple and unfortunately often forgotten or ignored.

Below are six preventive measures you can take today to prevent disasters:

1) Prepare to be Prepared
Disaster prevention is first and foremost about preparation. Pre-plan every job before employees begin any work. Schedule a meeting or huddle with all participating employees to fully understand and outline the details of the job and ensure each employee understands what they are required to do. Provide detailed instructions. The best approach involves outlining the scope of work, key issues, potential problems, equipment access, personnel access and any other relevant information.

2) Be Informed
After preparation, the next disaster prevention measure is knowledge. Make sure the physical and chemical characteristics of hazardous substances are visibly listed and can be clearly seen and read by all employees. These lists should include items such as boiling and freezing points, density, vapor pressure, specific gravity, solubility, volatility and the product’s general appearance and odor.

3) Get Supplies Ready
It’s not pleasant or fun to think about a potential spill, but if it does happen, you’ll be glad you prepared the necessary supplies to clean it up. These supplies include containers, temporary diking and cleanup materials. Make sure you have the highest quality equipment and store all necessary equipment in the proper areas that are easily accessible in the event of a spill.

4) Personal Protective Equipment
Review the PPE and tools that are necessary for the project. Make sure your supplies of these materials including clothing, helmets, masks, goggles, etc. are adequate and in working order. Perform a thorough review of your equipment to ensure nothing is outdated or worn down, as these deficiencies can cause injuries.

5) Communication
Communication is key for most challenges in life, but especially for disaster prevention. Before work commences on a project, analyze how the work will impact other personnel and operations. Then, make sure the proper communication channels and procedures are in place between participating parties.

6) Last Step: Double Check
This isn’t a before-the-job measure, but it’s still preventive. Plan time for a final walk-through to be sure nothing is left behind or unfinished when the work is complete.
When it comes to preventing big disasters, it’s the small steps you take before the work that really matters. Take pride in your work, pay attention to detail and make safety a top priority in your organization.
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Sept 28th - 1:00 pm – At the Great Hall
Public Information Session – New School
Community members and Chief and Council are invited.
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If anyone suspects that there is a leak in a water line near their home or anywhere else throughout the community can you please inform Rex Drew (709-538-6249), Glen Benoit (709-882-2470), the Public Works Receptionist (709-882-2090) or Band Office Receptionist (709-882-2470).

Thanks for your cooperation!
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Mushuau Innu Health Commission
Tel: (709)478-8871/8891/8892
Fax: (709)478-8821

P.O Box 188
Natuashish, NL A0P 1A0

Mushuau Innu Health Commission – Healing Services is looking for Male Addictions Counselor(s) in Natuashish

Responsibilities include:
- group and individual counseling to youth and adults with substance dependence and who may be dealing with grief and loss, sexual & physical abuse, post traumatic stress disorder and other personal difficulties.
- Program planning, delivery and evaluation
- Doing the necessary paperwork for clients, treatment centers and other institutions
- Initiating and assisting with healing programs such as A.A. support group, and other treatment programs, after care/relapse prevention programs and traditional healing such as ie. Sweat lodge…etc
- Ability to engage in crisis prevention and intervention or willingness to develop these skills.

Persons applying for this position should offer the offering the following:
- Fluent in Innu-aimun but not necessary, second will be English prefer, with good writing and computer skills
- Interested in the healing process and on a healing path themselves
- Respect culture based healing
- Knowledge and personal experience of the Innu culture and/or experience in working with indigenous people with be asset
- Have maintained sobriety & model good self care
- Able to work with minimal supervision
- Interested in continued skills development and personal development

Educational Requirements:
- Training in counseling, social science or a related field (e.g. addictions training)

Please submit a letter of application and resume to Kathleen Benuen Health Director by September 23rd, 2016, moc.l1475026742iamg@1475026742neune1475026742bk1475026742 or Mushuau Innu Health Commission, P.O. Box 188, Natuashish, NL, A0P 1A0
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