Education – Se’t A’newey Kina’matino’kuom

Mission Statement

Se’t A’newey Kina’matino’kuom is owned and operated
by Miawpukek Mi’kmaw Mawi’omi of Conne River.

Its role is to provide education to all its members,
Pre-Kindergarten to elders.

It will be staffed by personnel who are dedicated
not only to academic excellence and life skills,
but also to the spiritual and cultural teachings
of the Mi’kmaq people.

Contact Information
77 McDonaldewey Awti
P.O. Box 100
Conne River, NL  A0H 1J0

Fax: 709-882-2528

Director of Education
Jeddore, Roderick – ac.ye1498281216wenat1498281216es@er1498281216oddej1498281216r1498281216

Office Manager
McDonald, Germaine – ac.ye1498281216wenat1498281216es@dl1498281216anodc1498281216mg1498281216

Jeddore, Naomi – ac.ye1498281216wenat1498281216es@se1498281216nnats1498281216

IT Manager
Hill, Trey – ac.ye1498281216wenat1498281216es@ll1498281216iht1498281216

Ball, Bailey
Benoit, Audrey
Benoit, Brian
Benoit, Madonna
Benoit, Robert
Benoit, Sherry Lynn
Christmas, Angela
Drew, Tim
Giles-Drew, Doreen
Goodyear, Gwen
Hanson, Bailey
Jeddore, Brenda
Jeddore, Sharon
John, Elizabeth
John, Jackie
John, Mindy
Jeddore, Norma
McDonald, Lisa
McDonald, Paul
O’Keefe, Edward
Organ, Charlene
Piercey, Velma

Support Staff
Benoit, Christa
Benoit, Mary (D)
Drake, Jodi
Hibbs, Faye
Hoskins, Brian
Howse, Christine
Howse, Rona
Jeddore, Nena
Jeddore, Susan
Joe, Dina
John, Gerard
John, Jessica
McDonald, Linda
John, Marilyn

Cleaning Person
Benoit, Goldie
Marshall, Ann
McDonald, Nancy
Stride, Agnes

Drew, Gervaise

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