The Great Seal

Taqmkuk Great Seal

The shape of the seal represents both the island of Taqamkuk and the great house of our nation, the regional great council wigwom; the seat of the Taqamkuk Regional Saqamaw representing The Grand Council Government of Migmagee.

Great Seal

The three smaller wigwoml represents our mikmaq brothers residing to the north, west and east of Miawipugueg.

The arrowed line extending west to east represents the northern border of our mikmaw terriority mutually respected and represented by ourselves and our Betaukuog brothers.

The green of the island and the jagged blue, yellow and red band represents the forests of our land, the sea surrounding our lands, the sun, nagusit and ourselves, the mikmaw.

The rising sun over the water represents us as members of the wabnagi nation or people of the dawn.

The two triple eagle feather fans represents our respect for the grandfathers and their wisdom as seen from afar.

The canoe represents our connection to travel to and from the island of taqamkuk and other regions in migmagee.

The quartered circular represents niskam, the great spirit,  who protects us and migmagee, our land, which sustains us.

Lastly the virtual severed Avalon region is recent and represents our dispute with Brian Peckford who we set adrift on his own land claim area.

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